How to care for your down duvet

Keeping warm during those cold nights and having a luxurious looking bedroom is the desire of everyone. But this cannot be accomplished without the excellent care of the duvets you own. Even if they look clean, they might be having dirt or dust inside. There are many things your bed sheet is hiding from you, and so it is with your duvet. And that is why it should be cleaned regularly. In our article below we share maintenance tip so we can help you prolong the life of your down duvet and enjoy its warmth to the fullest.

Air and dry

When it comes to down duvets, there is no need to worry about their care since they do not require a lot. Airing and shaking the duvet out is enough to keep the filling well-ventilated and loose. This is a daily a recommended that you shouldn’t ignore or miss doing. But this doesn’t mean leaving the duvet hanging in strong sunbeams. It can damage it because the sun withdraws moisture from feathers and down making them to lose their softness which will reduce your sleeping comfort. Airing the duvet during dry weather avoids your duvet from becoming wet. Additionally, during the winter season, ensure you do not put your duvet on an environment that high temperatures (more than body temperature).

Machine wash?

It is possible that some down duvets will come with instructions that suggest you do not wash them. If that is the case with your duvet, then don’t wash it. However many of them are machine washable which makes their caring easy. If the instructions dictate that you wash your duvet by machine, then ensure you do so. Tumble dry and shake out. If you can’t do it yourself, find a professional cleaner to handle the task for you. However, avoid over-cleaning your down duvet. It is not beneficial to over clean it. Just do the regular cleaning, and you are ready to go.

Do not beat and vacuum

Just because the duvet is thick and looks like one, doesn’t mean that you will use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust. The packed in the weave of the tick will keep your duvet clean. It is more than enough to calmly brush down your duvet. Vacuuming and beating the duvet will cause your holes to widen in the ticking and down and feathers will come out.

Bottom line

It is possible that if you do not wash your duvet inners, the number of dust mites in it will increase. That is why it is necessary to wash your duvet once a year to lessen the dust mites that might be hiding under your bed covers. In case it has stains, clean them with a laundry solution. We suggest you try removing the stains by hand as you may so you can see if the blemishes have been removed or not. Also, some duvets require specific detergents. It is thus necessary to know the suitable detergents for your duvet.

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